Mile Markers

I am a mother, wife, physical therapist, and I love Jesus. My life mission is “To glorify God and use my gifts to build his kingdom”.

Here is our timeline for those who are somewhat confused by my miss match of postings (sorry)

Dillon Timeline

May 1997 Paul and I married

April 2006 Lexi arrived

December 2008 Luke arrived

Feb-March 2010- Completed Homestudy for private adoption of a little girl

May 2010 Almost adopted KK-

May 2012 Initiated Homestudy for Embryo adoption

October 2012 Matched with 5 Embryos (however remained “in process” pending labs etc.)

December 2012 Jonathan came into our lives

January 11th 2013 notified all embryos died- nothing to transfer on January 13th

February 2013 Re-matched with another set of embryos however match ultimately not successful

March 2013 Re-matched with 8 embryos that ultimately was a good match

April 24th 2013 Transfer of 3 of the 8 embryos (5 did not survive to be viable)

Now- we wait


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